Thursday, June 5, 2008

Off to Cooperstown (and Utica and Highland Lakes)

Fun long weekend ahead.

Tomorrow we head to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Rosey's never been; despite my numerous invitations. But her old college friend is having a "Getting her Ph.D." (Go Susan!) celebration in her hometown of Utica on Saturday, and Cooperstown is close enough that I successfully made the case. Pray that she at least humors me as I regale her with baseball lore and statistical minutiae! I'll try to hold back on the ride up and save it for the museum proper. K.B.III is coming too of course. I expect he won't quite get it, but being around baseball with my son means a 100% chance of me turning into a blubbering emotional fool at some point. I'll try to explain in a future post; but baseball and fatherhood are intimately connected. And a day in Cooperstown makes them both seem even more magical and mystical.

On Sunday we head down to Rosey's parents in Highland Lakes, NJ. (aka -- the cool, natury part of Jersey that I never knew existed until meeting my lovely Bride) for another day of fun. And then back home on Monday afternoon.


Bill Donaghy said...

Hmmm..."the cool, natury part of Jersey that I never knew existed until meeting my lovely Bride"

Well it's high time you discovered the TRUE BEAUTY of New Jersey; we ain't called the Garden State for nada! I'm still trying to convince my bride, who calls it the Garbage State.... ouch.

Taryn said...

Remember when you were trying to convince people (including Rosey) that a membership to the Baseball Hall would make a thoughtful wedding gift? ;o)

KBrian said...

Bill -- no kidding. You could have knocked me over with a feather when Rosey said the Appalachain Trail passed within a mile of her childhood home. "This is JERSEY you're talking about right?". But now I freely admit: get off the turnpike and the GSP long enough and you'll find some gems.

Taryn -- you remember everything. Alas, a membership wasn't among our wedding gifts. Someday though. Someday.